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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q. Will the pet sitter visit my home prior to first pet-sitting job?
A. Yes.  There will be one complimentary interview and visit.  This 
will give us the opportunity to get acquainted with each other & ask
questions.  When we decide to work together, at that point we will
exchange paperwork & obtain keys.  If additional pre-visits are
requested, the normal pet sitting fee will be applied.
Keys: We need to collect two keys for our visits.  One key with the
pet sitter & the other is locked in my office.  We will be happy to
keep your keys safely on file for future bookings; or, if you prefer,
you may pick up your keys after the pet sitting job is over.
Q. I'm leaving and don't have time to meet one of your sitters. 
Will you take care of my pets without my meeting the sitter?
A. I'm sorry, but unless we have already met you and your pets
we will not be able to take care of them.  This is for both your 
safety and the safety of the sitter who will be coming to your home
while you are away.
Q. Does the sitter provide references?
A. Yes, references are available upon request.
Q. Can you administer medication to my animals while I am away?
A. Yes, as long as your animals do not pose a threat to the sitter,
we are happy to administer medications to your pet.
Q. What do I need to have for dog walking & pet sitting services?
A. We would need appropriate licenses, ID tags, food for arranged
days and extra food for unplanned extended stay.  Extras: Toys,
blanket, bed, crate (not necessary).
Q. Do you transport my pet for pet sitting?
A. We do offer complementary pick up and drop offs.
Q. What is your policy for inclement weather?
A. In the case of extreme weather conditions, every attempt will be
made to access the home, unless there are safety concerns.  You
are responsible for making arrangements for snow/ice removal and
clearing of all paths, driveways and stairs so that we may safely
access your home.
Q. Do my pets need to be current on all vaccinations & medical
A. Yes, vaccination records must be up to date.  Spaying and
neutering are required for boarding & walking services.
Q. What will you do if medical care is needed for my pet?
A. Provide us with a copy of your pets vaccination records in the
event we visit a vet for any reason.  I ask you to provide your
veterinarian with the release form and arrangements should be made
to allow me to seek medical attention for your pet while you're away.
In the event your preferred vet is unavailable, I will take your pet to
the first available vet.  When possible, you will be contacted prior
to taking your pet to the vet. However, if the time is of the essence
and the medical condition requires immediate attention, I will see
that the pet gets the care needed and then contact you immediately.
Each decision will be between you and the veterinarian.
Q. Does each pet have its own kennel?
A. Yes, if your pet feels more comfortable in a kennel then one will
be provided.
Q. Who can be in our house with you?
A. For the safety of your pet and home, no other persons shall be
permitted in your home during the service period.
Q. How will the pet sitter know when I've arrived home safely?
A. Pease call when you arrive home or if your return trip has been